Welcome to your virtual torcher chamber

Hello Sicko's and wannabe serial killers, there is now a new video program just for you.

Program the system with the person you wish to experiment with ,their face and body build,select your location (like basement) and set your background music or sound effects before you begin.

Slip on your VR googles and surround sound earphones and be fully emersed in the experience. You enter the area and your victim is unconscious and chained in the middle of the room,suspended by their arms with long chain and cuffs.

You walk across to your operations table and find a wide selection of tools that may be used,probe s, hammers,drills,chainsaw,knives, the list is endless.

You start by choosing a implement and touching the victim gently. Did you gag them or are you going to let them scream? The choice is yours.

Now the fun really begins as you watch them suffer under your unskilled hands.

Unbeknown to you, you have been reported to authorities and as you are taking your time and gloating, authorities are already in your house. That tap on the shoulder you just felt,is your future reality hauling you away.

You brought the "game", you flagged yourself,you plugged it in and turned it on which sent out a tracking beacon. It recorded the person you chose to kill, how you were going to do it and other details.

Although you did not do this in Real life, the intent to harm or kill was still there and depending on the degree of violence used, you will now go away for a very long time.

The VR gear gets cleaned and repacked them put up online again for someone else to purchase.

Your nabbed you sick bastard.

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