Stopping time

There are moment's that you never want to end. 

You are living the moment,loving the people,savoring the moment because you know it has to end.

What if it didn't have to end.

What if you possessed an old watch that could freeze time within a hundred meter radius of the watch. Only the holder if the watch is able to move within that frozen time. This watch also keeps time of "real time" that has passed outside of the frozen zone.

You could savour the moment longer and cement it in your mind.

Would you use this to prevent accidents? You see something about to happen,would you freeze time and change something that would avoid the accident when you unfroze time?

By doing so, you may upset the cause and effect of the natural balance if life,over ride fate and unknowingly change someone's life.

What if they were ment to die for reasons unknown to you at the time. Like their sacrifice may have altered others lives for the positive..... We dont know what the future will hold or know someones fate.

Do we tamper with this,or leave it be?

If given the watch,perhaps i would destroy it incase it fell into the wrong hands, or before i did something that interfered with the greater plan of things.

So, we just treasure the moment,embrace it and hold it dear while it lasts.

All that matters,is what we do here and now, so lets make today count.


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Comments (6)

  1. pathos

    right on!

    July 29, 2017
  2. WalkinOnSunshine

    Well said Shane! Life is good in my neck of the woods and I savor every minute of it. I hope life is treating you and yours, well.

    August 02, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      Hi Dani,lovely to see you. Pretty good here busy but doing ok.

      August 02, 2017
      1. WalkinOnSunshine

        Are you in Winter there, Shane? I can’t remember….

        August 03, 2017
        1. Walkaboutman

          Aye lass,winter is here

          August 03, 2017
          1. WalkinOnSunshine

            I wish I were there! I am so sick of Summer, I can’t stand it any longer, ughhhh!! Its hot as Hades and the humidity is severe. Ahhh for the cool of fall and the freeze of winter!!

            August 03, 2017