I found this site and downloaded its app and find it highly addictive.

The site is where people ask questions about anything. You can hone it into your interests regarding topics. When you first start, Quota will find related questions in your chosen topics for you to answer.

Others can read your advice and sometimes you may get an upvote from other reader. People can be anonymous or use one of their sign ons with Facebook or google. Mine is google so I have my proper name listed in my replys and advice.

It was only a couple of days after answering quite a few questions, that I started receiving requests to answer questions from people. I am only answering requests now and as more and more people get to see your responses, they send more requests.

You can choose whether to answer or pass, or ask for more info.

There is not a lot of feedback from the people at tines but it is addictive. My responses ate generally professionally answered and as objective as possible but I will add person info if it calls for it.

Just wanted to let people know about this place, I am loving it.

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  1. beaudowling

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    February 05, 2017