Paving the way

On new year's day I promised my son in law I would help him rip up the pavers on his driveway. Sounds exciting right? 

7am I was on his doorstep ready to start,he handed me a crow bar and I told him if we can rip this up OK I can help rip up the side........oh if I only knew.

Started on the pavers to find these had been laid on dirt and the grass had grown around them,locking the sucker in. About 2 meters into it I turned and said "think I was a little too ambitious". I was weary already. I looked along the remaining pacers and down to the end of the driveway that met with the road. We laughed and made the most of things as we always do. He and I work together on a lot of different things.

"The end is too far to reach,so I am looking at reaching a meter in front of me" I told him "the journey of a thousand pacers begins with this one mother Fo paver".

We ripped them up and stacked them into manageable piles,loaded up my step fathers ute and kept going.

My brother in law joined us,66 and ducky knees but he worked two pacers at a time,every bit helps.My grandson also joined in and his task was to grab all the broken bits and put them in a pile.

Half way down,the driveway pitched down on an slope. I looked at the mountain of pavers behind me and told him "I am going to finish this before lunch,afterwards it will be harder to get going again."

I sat on my backside and cheeked it down the slope and ripped up pavers as I went

Told him "I'm not stacking, I'm just attackin" and ripped them up and scattered them behind me. The closer I got to the road the more compact they were and I was already running on reserves but lunch was being picked up and time was ticking. 

Hitting the last of them I looked back at the pacers everywhere that looked like a bomb just went off. My son in law started transferring bricks to a huge pile before the slope.  When I was done I let out a "YES" I can find a shady spot to die" and went and grabbed a drink as I watched the kaos I left behind. Lunch arrived.

Helped a little afterwards before I went home. Happy a goal was achieved as I left my daughter,son in law and two grandkids to stack the remaining pavers I left behind.

It was a good family effort,felt proud of everyone getting in and helping out. I was pleased my body kept it together and did what I wanted it to do.

As I always say, the way to reach the end of a large goal,is to make many small goals that work towards the end. When I was 3/4 of the way it was like I was digging for gold and could see the colour in the dirt.The work out was good for all of us and a job well done.

I may add,it was my first new year's day off in at many years as it was a Sunday this year,next year, I will be working, which I really do not mind.

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Comments (2)

  1. noahbody

    A job well done begins with the first step.. or in your case the first paver.

    January 12, 2017
  2. Bettymom

    Great work! And it’s wonderful you have those family members around to pitch in.

    January 12, 2017