Parallel World's

Imagine if there were three portals that appeared in your living room.

Each portal lead to what appeared to be the exact same scene before you but all existed in slightly different timezones and on different world's.

For example, i could enter one portal and talk to someone from my family only they may behave differently than i know them to act. Everything in everyworld is similar in appearence but behaviour is different.

Jumping from portal to portal and mixing it up would be a sure way to lose your grip on reality all together.

Imagine seeing a chess board before you in all portals and the same person playing as your opponent in different world's.

One may be a master of the game, onecan amature and the other a novice. The game you play in each portal would be entirely different. Which game do you mainly focus on or do you play the best in everyone.

Entering each portal ciuld you change your character to match the one that you represent in that world?

Madness would certainly rule your MInd.

There can be only one constant,one self that is you. Someone that looks like you and may show traits like you,but they are still not you. 

Shutting portals and staying in this world for now before i get a migraine LMAO

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Comments (4)

  1. Bettymom

    Good plan – I was starting to get a headache as well!

    July 30, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      Lmao,thank you for reading me Betty

      July 30, 2017
      1. Bettymom

        Always, my friend.

        July 30, 2017
  2. Nightbane

    " Infinite possibilities, John Crichton…"
    In Game I have a thing referred to as Ye Blue Striped Tent. it ooks from without as a changing tent on a beach or possibly an outhouse. walk in an it is a endless hall, windows of all asoprts down either side. each shows summat, ocean , glaciers, cities, a back yard in Melbourne, stunning vistas of nebulae, pulsars, places with copper coloured skies and soft green clouds, four moons ecorationg the horizon… each is an actual portal to some other time and place and, yes, they can simply be altenates of present reality, relative to the viewer(s) Take care if you walk through or open one, gravity, temperature, atmosphere, EVERYTHING could well be less than comfortable for you.Now adn again one will have a lock, he rule of thumb is locks need keys, if you havent’ one, pause to consider it may be just as well.
    If I were to find a portal to my own relative alternate time, i think I’d simply like to see one where everything was precisely the same except the twin Buddhas in Afghanistan would not have been destroyed.
    I know, I know, compleatly unimaginative of me. I’m actually a very simple creature, you now….. no, really!

    August 01, 2017