Go figure

It is amazing how wages are determined by the powers that be.

For example, a untrained person on a production line that will stand there watching for "broken bits" will be paid almost $10 more than a trained health care worker that work with the elderly.

The government deems childcare workers and aged care workers as "unimportant jobs". They are paid minimal pay but are expected to be fully qualified and skilled to deal with their area s.

We literally have Lives in our hands that we are responsible for,yet,we are not essential.

In aged care,they struggle to get workers to stay or enter the workforce. There is no prestige in our job and quite often, you will need us handy when everything goes belly up with a client.

Degradingly, we aged care workers have been called " ass wipers". We are not nurses,that's true,but we do a lot of jobs you would not want to go near,ever. We work with the elderly,shower them,dress them,feed them, clean for them,talk with them,laugh with them and also hold their handcas they are dying. We comfort distressed families, we attend clients funerals as we formed a bond with client and families.

When no one wants to go near bed bound dying clients,we are there. We sponge bath people too weak to stand and may have accidents in bed. We change the beds with clients still in them,a skill in itself. 

I am an Community Aged Care worker. I work in my community helping the aged to stay in their homes as long as possible, and if they choose, we will be there if they decide to die at home. We spend long hours with clients, when they die, we say farewell with tears as we welcome a new client that comes into our care.

Yes, my job is not a glamorous one but it is one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. We don't often get praise, we often are unappreciated but we know we are doing a great job with our people. Even if they are too weak to say thank you, we can see it in their eyes they appreciate everything we do.


To those who can not speak, to the ones too weak to stand and the ones that don't remember our names, I, along with many,many others will be there when you need us. We won't run,we won't avoid, we will be there through good times and through all of the bad.

In my work I have made many a good friend and then suddenly,our time is over, they pass away. One thing we get to see, is our clients abilities become less as they can no longer care for their selves. We become apart of families and assist our people as we can see their decline as they are dying.

So, give us minimal wages. I am not in this job for the money, I go where I'm needed, but please, don't disrespect us, you may well need us one day yourself.

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Comments (5)

  1. haydeeandgabriel

    Very well said. The people who disrespect your kind of work are the ones who should be ashamed because they do not know the importance of being there for people who cannot take care of themselves. It is an important job and more than just a job. I was hospitalized without my family to attend to me before and I was given great care by the nurses and health aides – they took care of me, ensure that my needs are being met and my requests are attended. That is why when I got better, I returned to the hospital and treated them with food and tokens. They were really touched and thanked me for the gifts that I brought but I said, I should be the one thanking you because you took care for me when my family was not able to. You were my family when I was there and I am very grateful. People who treat you like they are superior to you are the lesser ones not you.

    February 10, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      Thank you. Every one of us have their part to play and we all help make the wheels of life to keep on turning.

      February 10, 2017
  2. noahbody

    Absurdities. Your jobs are not important? Wait until those in power need your services then see how unimportant they are. You deserve better pay that that.

    February 10, 2017
  3. This comment has been deleted
    1. Walkaboutman

      I am talking about community care not nursing homes and you will find that they are quite different. We are caring for people in their homes one on one. Out here in the community we are expected to do more out there because we are the only ones the clients see.

      You are very knowledgeable regarding nursing homes but don’t try and tell me about something you have no idea about.

      February 10, 2017
      1. This comment has been deleted
  4. Walkaboutman

    Fuall, you are a sad little troll,comments deleted and you are blocked.

    February 11, 2017