Expecting change

We can role model appropriate behaviour and lead by example but even then,some of our kids just dont get it.

Some are so self absorbed, no one else seems to matter appart from them. They live in a house full of people and their baby.

(Deleted a lot if what i wrote, not the time now)

We can talk till we are blue in the face. Discuss it,they agree,it last one day then back to square one again. Repeat but with "direct" instructions......sigh....

We can sit back and bitch about everything andcwhat isnt being done as others add to the mayhem, or we can do something about it outselves.

The kitchen is always a bone of contention. Things get used and left behind,cups half full left, dishes dropped on ir in sink with food on or unrinsed. In spite of directions and requests, nothing changes.

Now the fact that these two culprets are not complete Adult morons but have "issues" with understanding, nothing gets through. Yes, i would love to boot them out but we are helping them raise their child.....sorry, we are raising our grandaughter. No one wants to get up to her of a night or tend to her needs. We taught them but they dont grasp anything and get angry with her when she "stops them from being on the xbox or facebook"

Grrrr.....anyway back to what i was saying.

We accept that these two drop kicks will not change so we adapted and developed a plan.

The two boarders living with us cause more work than any advantage. You would think that with four adults you would blitz the house.......nope.

Anyway, i am in charge if the kitchen, i took charge. I organise,put away, wash dishes,benches,cook,clean again. This way, we stay ontop if it and i try not to kill the two lazy shits that live with us.

If our grandaugher was left with these two,she would have been removed and would be severely developmentally delayed.

We love our little granddaughter, she is a delight. It is unfortunate the parents ate missing out on these wonderful bonding moments. It isnt through lack of trying,they wont even chat with her. The boy thinks she loves watching him play the xbox......yeah right, future child may not be able to talk at 2 but will get through level 2 of Doom singlehandedly lol.


Its frustrating to prompt,push,encourage,direct them in how to interact and care for their child and they simply could not be bothered.

This child has such a unique way about her and she is greatly interested in everything around her. She will look at strangers faces and wait for them to look at her and she will smile flashing her 4 little teeth at them as her eyes light up. She has this love about her and has something very special inside. Something Nonna and Poppa will nurture and provide opportunities to develop and expand her awareness.

We may not be able to change someones actions, but we can change how we deal with these changes and take some responsibly in making it work and develop systems to put things in place.

Often,the simple solution to the problem is.......YOU.

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Comments (2)

  1. Bettymom

    I admire your courage. I wouldn’t have the strength to raise a child any more.

    June 02, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      We really have no choice, she needs us,we have to as parents are dumb wits.

      June 02, 2017