Child of the future

A grandfather brings his soccer ball over to play with his grandchild.

He takes him out the back,puts the ball on the ground and tells the boy to go for it.

The kid looks at the ball,picks it up and spins it around surveying the ball,then puts it down. He then asks "where are the batteries in this thing"

Grandad replys, " no batteries, you kick it and run around with it".

The boy reels in horror andcsays "Stuff that, im going to play holovision."

(Holovision is the new hologram gaming craze in the future)


This isnt a joke as such,its kind of happening now,sad but true. 

It is now the adult that asks "will anyone play with me,even an old board game,one you have to physically move the pieces yourself".

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Comments (3)

  1. Bettymom

    I know – it’s awful! I taught my kids to read playing Scrabble and to make change playing Monopoly. We still have those games somewhere, gathering dust.

    August 15, 2017
  2. serenitytx

    I have a 5 yr old step-grandson that comes to stay the weekend once a month. He has finally learned that he only gets his IPAD to watch videos an hour before his bed. Otherwise, we play board games (Chutes & Ladders or Candyland) or other hands on-in real world activities. What I’ve discovered is that he never learned how to handle loosing. While he was excited to play those games with me, his first loss sent the board and cards flying. It is still a struggle with him, but he at least has some skills now to handle the loss as well as being the gracious winner.

    Plus, he learned soccer from his 2 yr old brother. The 2 yr old loves to get to kick and chase the ball… but then again, he’s 2. Lol Really thought provoking post.

    August 19, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      Excellent stuff,maybe our little ones do have a hope as long as we keep on teaching.

      August 20, 2017