Looking upon being on the Quora site as volunteering for a couple of hours a day. There are a lot of youngish people out there looking for life advice. Answering questions and asking them questions to ask their selves is very addictive. You get the odd thank you,but not often and the request to answer questions keep rolling in. Lol my wife thinks I should be getting paid by the site, I love being able to help and if my advice can help someone through a tricky time, I'm more than happy with that.
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  1. Nightbane


    February 03, 2017
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  3. noahbody

    February 03, 2017
  4. notthinking

    Glad you are enjoying it and find it fulfilling. Have you considered doing therapy professionally?

    February 03, 2017
    1. Walkaboutman

      Yes I have years ago. I do a lot of work with families and clients,but not solely counseling. I get annoyed with self inflicted things like drug use and repeat offenders. Can’t help those who won’t help their selves.

      February 03, 2017
      1. notthinking

        I bet you are really good at that. Glad you enjoy it.

        February 04, 2017