Written two other blogs and deleted. Sometimes the words fail to describe how wonderful or amazing something is or the true feeling you can get from something. When you try to talk about it or write about it,it always feels like you are missing describing something,as if it wants to hinder you from saying too much. Like when things keep happening, power fluctuations, high activity and finally computer shuts off on its own, is a good time to stop. Something does not want you to write about it,or even the words are clear to begin but it can feel like there is a "melting effect" occurring as your thoughts feel like its being melted away so they can't take form. Smudging time.
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  1. noahbody

    I understand. Sometimes words just don’t do it justice. Or there are no words that do. It is that way with my depressions. And the mania.

    January 30, 2017
  2. Bettymom

    Yes! Descriptions are the hardest thing in the world to get right.

    January 30, 2017
  3. haydeeandgabriel

    happens to me all the time…when I post, it just would not post, maybe because I am being nasty on those lol

    January 30, 2017
  4. notthinking

    Dr. Contortix last post, the story “Hope” Was a tough one. It was a challenge from an Author’s site. The reason it was challenging was that the word hope is used as a panacea for a variety of degrees and sentimental undertones. Buying a lotto ticket is rarely done without a sense of “hope” but it doesn’t hold the same emotional charge as “hoping” for something miraculous to occur without taking action. A matter of generalized faith, one might say. Though the odds of winning the lotto are minimal, someone might have bought a ticket which means that there is a chance to actually win. The idea of hope seems to be based on optimism in the face of over-whelming odds and on the other hand, it also deals with the future, which is uncertain. There is nothing right or wrong with having “hope”, but filling a basket with it seems to create a lot of ego-based “suffering” when the basket turns up empty in the future. My point is, words are very limited. Here is an example: no matter how much we try telling someone what it is like to love and be loved it will not make them feel what it is like to experience it. Telling a person, blind from birth, what color is may prove tough.

    TLDR: Words can limit our ability to convey ideas and feelings.

    January 30, 2017
  5. anguskauper

    It’s true that sometimes you cannot explain your feeling nor even write it because you don’t even know what to say or write but this s something that is important to you and you need essay services reviews to understand that what you feel and if you like to write it, you can only explain some part of it.

    March 16, 2017