Sweet Poetic Funerals ( Walkaboutman's little joke)

Forget about expensive funerals, Here at Sweet Poetic Funerals we promise to provide you with budget choices: Coffins -                        Paper or plastic Disposing of the body -   Chose to burn or dine with worms Flower arrangements -    ...

Ignoring the facts

It still amazes me how something can be right in front of some peoples face and they still cant see it or are too stuborn to acknowledge it. Here is a perfect example from Erik the viking. http://youtu.be/qJh6EQ5gv7g  

Rant-Adult children

I see a group of Adult children in my travels,that have all the answers to life, know it all, complain about things constantly and whinge about everything , and its constant. I have also noticed that this particular group of "losers" have : -...

Having a go

"Even if you know you cant bloody win, you still got to have a go. You'll always be pissin' into the wind, but that dont mean it isn't worth givin' it a burl."   George Johnston, my brother Jack (1964) Simple and to the point. What a rippa ;)

Space invaders

You have seen Terminator movies now we need a bot to go bbackin time to eradicate the bots taking us over here.   One virus to shut them down. It's like it picks up on certain words. So my titles may be slightly odd as a test.   Just...